Crabs are seen as a pest at the best of times, especially when there robbing the bait from your hooks. You will find hardback crabs around the whole year, but finding peelers in winter is not so easy. It is generally spring time when the vast majority of crabs start to peel and the warmer summer months can provide a decent supply of peeler crab. You always have the option to buy some from your local bait supplier. As winter turns to spring and the water temperatures starts to rise, the shore crabs will start to peel.

Remember while collecting your peeler crabs to make sure you put rocks back in the position you found them, as this will help the conservation of our shoreline and any small creatures attached to them to survive.

Peeler Presentation:
It is essential they are presented correctly, or they will drop off your hook as soon as they hit the water. Follow the steps below and you will be sure to increase your catches. Using the INOVA Bait Binder will make baiting up with peeler crab so much easier and faster.

Inova-Bait Binder

Depending on what you’re fishing for, determines how much crab you will use. For flounder, school bass or codling fishing, the following peeler presentation will be sufficient.

1.     Once you have your crab peeled you will need to cut in half.

2.     Inserting the hook, into one half, pass the hook out through the vent beneath the tail, then lay your hook along the top of you crab

3.     Once the hook is threaded through your bait and running along the back of the crab you can then fold the crab over the shank of the hook. The bait is now ready for the INOVA Bait Elastic

4.     Use the INOVA Bait Binder to secure the crab to the hook using as many turns as necessary for the size of your bait. This also releases the juices for a larger scent trail.

5.     The final result is a juicy presentation which will be irresistible to any fish on the feed.

Inova Bait Binder

The Bait Binder is available from good tackle shops and online stores. For your nearest stockist check out the INOVA stockist page.