INOVA are a new brand in the fishing tackle trade and have recently introduced an improved bait elastic dispenser called the Bait Binder. Most anglers that we have spoken to have been using this little gem for a couple of months and find it the best elastic thread dispenser by far on the market.

There are several improvements and modifications made, two of which you’ll notice straight away. The nose of the Bait Binder is now clear see-through plastic. The other half of the body is a bright orange, which is much easier to see if its dropped in shoreline weed, grass or misplaced on the sand or shingle at night.

Inova-Bait Binder

In more detail, the clear nose allows you to see when the elastic thread is running low and a new spool of thread is needed. You can also see what grade of elastic you have loaded. The feedback we’ve had is that most anglers now tend to carry two Bait Binders, one with fine elastic for smaller delicate baits, and another with a heavier grade for bigger baits such as whole crab and fish fillets. The clear nose gives you the necessary “at a glance” identification of the thread needed for different baits as the thread spools are clearly and individually colour coded. Lots of anglers now tend to fish two rods targeting different species with different types of bait, so having two Bait Binders with different grades of thread loaded, saves time and is an obvious advantage.

The portal where the elastic exits from has also been improved, with the elastic thread now under greater tension as it leaves the spool meaning you have more control when wrapping baits and allowing easier one-handed operation.

The body shape is ergonomically designed to fit the hand comfortably as it’s cylindrical, but with etched grips on each side for maximum grip when the hands are wet and cold or covered in bait juices.

Inova Bait Binder

To load a new thread spool, the body section twists apart with a quarter turn, then the thread spool simply clicks in to place on the spindle inside the base half of the body. Let the free end of the thread fall through the open nose of the clear body, then click the two halves back together and you’re ready to go. Simple and quick, even when reloading on a wet and windy beach at night!

The Bait Binder also comes with a new style heavy duty lanyard specifically designed to minimize the chances of it blowing around in the wind when its hung around the neck ready for instant access. It’s also non-slip so that the lanyard stays in the chosen adjusted position.

It comes supplied with three different spools, a light thread on a orange spool, the medium thread on a green spool, and the heavy thread on a blue spool. The thread type is also new and improved giving easier flow off the spool, plus its easy to remove.

Inova Bait Elastic

The Bait Binder is a quality product and it’s vital for any bait fishing. As bait juices make contact with the elastic thread, it soon rots and weakens. Anglers need to know the thread is fully functional on demand, each and every trip and the Bait Binder does exactly that by fully protecting the thread. It also maximizes your fishing time and aids better bait presentation.

The Bait Binder retails for £9.99, with spool refills costing just £1.99 each.

The Bait Binder is available from good tackle shops and online stores. For your nearest stockist check out the INOVA stockist page.