Pop Up Beads

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Unlike traditional round beads, INOVA Pop Up Beads boast a unique, buoyant design. They feature a hollow core that traps air, causing them to float above your hookbait, creating a visually appealing presentation. This bobbing effect mimics natural prey like worms, grubs, or even struggling insects, triggering a feeding response in fish.

Targeting Specific Fish Species

By adjusting the size and color of your Pop-Up Bead in relation to your hook bait, you can target specific fish species. On the other hand, walleye or trout, with their excellent eyesight, might be drawn to the lifelike presentation of a white Pop-Up Bead hovering above a worm, mimicking a struggling insect struggling to escape the clutches of the water. The floating function of Pop-Up Beads saves you your hookbait from snagging on weeds or bottom particles, allowing you to present your bait correctly in weedy areas. Traditional bottom baits can easily get tangled or hidden amongst weeds, rendering them invisible to fish. This is in particular useful for anglers targeting fish that frequent weed beds or regions with heavy plants. Pop-up beads help your bait stand out from the clutter, growing the chances of a success strike.

Versatility with Various Hookbaits

INOVA Pop-Up Beads may be used alongside a wide type of hookbaits, from boilies and worms to artificial lures. This makes them a treasured addition to any tackle container, irrespective of your selected fishing fashion or goal species. For instance, you may use a Pop-Up Bead above a gentle plastic jerkbait to create an extra erratic, darting motion, mimicking a fleeing baitfish and attracting aggressive predators.

Achieving the Perfect Buoyancy

Ensure your Pop-Up Bead has the right buoyancy to lift your hookbait effectively. Some beads are pre-drilled to allow you to add small weights for fine-tuning buoyancy. A perfectly balanced presentation keeps your hookbait hovering just above the bottom, creating the most enticing presentation.

Securing Your Pop-Up Bead

Secure your Pop-Up Bead to your line using a crimp or a small rig ring. This ensures the bead stays firmly in place during casting and retrieves. INOVA offers a variety of rigging tools and terminal tackle specifically designed for pop-up bead applications.

Enhancing Appeal with Flavors and Scents

Many Pop-Up Beads come impregnated with appealing flavors and scents. These can similarly beautify your bait’s appeal, mainly for fish with a keen sense of scent and taste, like catfish or carp. Match the heady scent and taste of your Pop-Up Bead to your hookbait or target species for maximum effectiveness. For instance, a fruity-scented Pop-Up Bead paired with a boilie containing the same flavor can create an irresistible olfactory signal for carp.

Experimenting with Colors, Sizes, and Combinations

Don’t be afraid to test with special Pop-Up Bead colorings, sizes, and combinations. Fish behavior can vary depending on water conditions, time, and unique frame of water. By trying different options, you can discover what works best for the fish you’re targeting in your local area.

Specialized Rigs

Chod Rigs

These specialist rigs utilize a stiff section of fluorocarbon line and a Pop-Up Bead to create a critically balanced presentation that kicks the hook baithookbait out away from the lead weight, ideal for pressured carp or wary fish.

Pop-Up Ronnie Rigs

This popular rig employs a hinged stiff section of fluorocarbon line and a Pop-Up Bead to create a highly mobile presentation that allows the hookbait to waft enticingly in the current, perfect for enticing bottom-feeding carp or catfish.

Pop-Up Snowman Rigs

This versatile rig combines a Pop-Up Bead with a bottom bait like a boilie or snowman snowman (two boilies fused together). The Pop-Up Bead elevates the bottom bait, creating a double visual attraction that can be irresistible to curious fish.

Commitment to Quality

Remember, INOVA is committed to providing anglers with innovative and high-quality fishing tackle. Explore our extensive selection of Pop-Up Beads and discover the perfect option to elevate your next fishing adventure.