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Fishing is an art form, a dance between endurance, ability, and the proper gear to trap cautious fish. At INOVA Fishing, we understand the importance of every detail, and that is why we provide a top-class selection of Soft Glow Beads, designed to elevate your sea fishing level.

Gone are the times of undeniable fishing beads. Our Soft Glow Beads are infused with a subtle luminescence, including a charming detail on your rigs. This soft glow is not a stunning beacon, but as an alternative, a mild invitation to fish, mainly in low-mild situations or murky waters.

Why Soft Glow Beads Work

As dawn breaks or dusk settles, or when fishing in deeper waters with reduced light penetration, Soft Glow Beads become visible, attracting fish that might otherwise miss your bait. This subdued lighting provides a beacon in the dimly lit environment, guiding curious fish toward your presentation.

Natural Light Trick

Many prey species in the ocean, like squid and plankton, emit a soft bioluminescence. Soft Glow Beads mimic this natural phenomenon, triggering a feeding response in fish that instinctively associate the glow with easy prey. By adding a subtle visual attractant, Soft Glow Beads can significantly increase your strike rates, especially when targeting bottom feeders or fish that hunt by sight in low-light conditions.

We offer a diverse range of Soft Glow Beads to cater to numerous fishing patterns and goal species, making sure you have got the proper tool for the activity. Choose from a number of shapes like round, oval, or cylinder, and sizes to shape your precise wishes.

Ways to Use Soft Glow Beads

While the “soft glow” effect is the famous person of the display, INOVA Fishing Soft Glow Beads come in a number of appealing base hues to complement your bait and create a natural presentation. Soft Glow Beads are exceedingly flexible and can be integrated into numerous sea fishing rigs to decorate their effectiveness.

Bottom Fishing

Adding a Soft Glow Bead above your baited hook creates a fascinating target for bottom feeders like cod, flounder, and halibut, in particular in low-light conditions.

Wrecks and Reefs

When fishing around structures in murky or deeper waters, the soft glow attracts fish that might otherwise struggle to locate your bait.

Bait Enhancement

Thread a Soft Glow Bead directly onto your baitfish to add a hint of luminescence and create an extra engaging presentation for a much broader range of fish.

Use in Freshwater Fishing

While Soft Glow Beads excel in saltwater environments, their applications extend beyond sea fishing. The soft glow can attract fish in lakes or rivers during nighttime hours, increasing your chances of a successful catch. The added visibility can be particularly helpful when fishing through opaque ice, attracting fish to your jigs or baits.

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