INOPVA Down & Out Link


The Inova Down and Out Link is the same basic design as the Rapid Link but with a built-in bait clip. They keep the bait tight to the lead and are perfect for making up pulley rigs as well as other clipped-down styles of rigs. They can also be fitted ‘upsidedown’ at the top of up and over rigs. Another use is as a quick ‘rotten bottom’ clip which you make by fastening the Rig Clip to the bottom of your rig, attaching the weak link to the eye, and hanging the lead onto the ‘bait clip’ when casting. (this option of the rotten bottom is not recommended for pendulum-style casting)

Test: 36kg/80lb
QTY: 12 per pack

10 in stock

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Inova Down and Out Link

  • Combined rig & bait clip link
  • Connect rigs and fishing weights
  • Fast, effective & reliable
  • Use to make a variety of rigs
  • Can be used as a rotten bottom clip
  • 80lb test
  • 12 per pack
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