INOVA Bait Rapper Pro Elastic Spools


Inova Bait Rapper Elastic Spool is spare elastics to fit the Inova Bait Rapper. It is made from 100% Synthetic elastic filament which is stretchy but strong and allows you to make neat baits that cast well and are attractive to the fish. Inova Bait Rapper Elastic Spool is available in a range of colors to suit your needs.

Clear Bright 100m or 200m medium – Designed to make the elastic less visible to the fish, ideal for clear water and spooky fish

Power Green, Power Orange, and Power Red 100m medium – Coloured to either match or contrast depending on the bait used. Developed with natural attractants and amino acids to boost attraction to predatory fish.

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Additional information


Green 100M, Orange 100M, Red 100M, White 100M, White 200M

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