INOVA LUG-It Base Station


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Made from robust, waterproof, washable and strong EVA material, the INOVA Lug-It Base-Tackle Station consists of 7 parts along with its double snap buckles and strap retainers everything has been thought through with this setup.
The main storage container is loaded with 1 half container & 2 ¼ containers along with a nice positioned round chopping board to cater for all your bait-prep needs. The bait chopping board is design to use in combination with the Inova Bait Binder, Inova Baiting Tool and even has a spare slot for other tools.

1 in stock

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It’s the ideal fishing buddy which will be very handy also for any match & pleasure anglers needs, to make fishing very organised. The Lug-It Base-Tackle Station allows perfect placement of required baits and tackles keeping everything close at hand when fishing. The main bowel features a quad carry strap . Similarly, button closure grip handles to make carrying the Lug-It Base-Tackle Station very comfortable by hand if preferred.


  • All in one tackle & bait storage solution
  • Segregated bait tray- 3 compartments
  • Watertight bucket houses bait tray
  • Circular cutting board lid with slots for tools
  • 3 Adjustable Straps to attach to a tripod
  • Comfortable quad carry handles to keep bucket steady when carrying
  • Clear Lid
  • The large organizer bowl is 40cm,
  • The inner bowl measures 35cm

The INOVA Lug-It Base Station is used for almost anything, whether it’s for bait or as a reel and tackle carrier, this new exciting station has you covered.
Its fantastic Tripod system allows this station to position right in the middle of your tripod, with its double snap buckles and strap system, keeping your bait or tackle safe and dry above the surf while you can enjoy your fishing.
The outside diameter of the large organizer bowl is 40cm, whilst the inner bowl measures 35cm.

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