INOVA Round Cool Bag

The new INOVA LUG-IT Cooler Bag has been designed to keep your bait in perfectly fresh condition whether it be frozen or fresh. A generous size of 33.5cmØ ensures packs of bluey, whole mackerel, and lug wraps are easily accommodated.

The 100% waterproof EVA outer not only prevents baits from drying out by retaining moisture on the inside, it also repels sea and rainwater to keep baits in tip-top condition.

Both the lid and inner tray are heavily padded and micro foil lined for maximum insulation to keep external heat out and internal temperatures low.

The inner tray can also be removed to allow bait juices to be rinsed away. No more nasty odours! Ice packs can also be inserted underneath the tray thereby keeping temperatures to a minimum whilst avoiding direct contact between ice pack and bait. Remove the insulated inner and the outer acts as a completely watertight tray, ideal for live baits that benefit from fresh sea water.

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