INOVA Snag Clip/Link


The Snag Clip/Link is a combined bait clip and rotten bottom clip. It is used to get your bait to the fish and avoids losing a fish on a snag – so sacrifice your lead, not your fish!
Tie your weak line/link from the lead to the Snag clip/link, hang the lead, and clip down your hook for longer casting.

Size: 1 – 40kg/88lb test. 6 clip/links to a pack.

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Inova Snag Clip/Link

  • Combined bait clip and rotten bottom
  • Makes a streamlined ‘Rotten bottom’ rig
  • Lead clips on one side and the hook on the other
  • Use a length of weak nylon to attach the lead
  • If you snag then you can land the fish at the sacrifice of the snagged lead
  • NOT designed to be used with a pendulum or OTG casting styles
  • 88lb test
  • 6 clips per pack
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