The new INOVA 220m Tapered Mainline is Made from a high abrasive resistant Monofilament with improved performance and durability. The new INOVA Tapered Mainline has a built-in 20m, tapered leader. The colors alternate every 20m to track the casting distance and put baits in the same area every time.

Tapered Main lines have taken away the hassle of tying on shock leaders, they also create a smoother cast, give greater casting distance, and pick up less weed due to no knots needed for the shock leader.


  • Spool length: 220m
  • Leader: 20m built-in leader
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Diameter options: 0,30-0,60mm & 0,35-0,70mm
  • Breaking Strength options: 12 – 45lb &15 – 60lb
  • Material: Monofilament