Inova Rig Rapper Box

The Organization is king and being prepared is essential when streamlining what you carry down to the beach. Before using the Inova Rig wrapper box the inside of my tackle box looked like A teenager’s bedroom with stuff literally everywhere, this obviously isn’t very useful when you need A specific rig and you don’t have A clue where it is or indeed if you have even packed it.

The Inova Rig Rapper box is A watertight box that holds 24 rig winders and it certainly helped me to get my kit sorted out, at A glance I know what is in my box firstly by colour coding certain rigs to A specific colour rig winder then by for example: (Red winders will hold A mono version of A bar rig and A blue winder A up & over) then adding rig details to the labels provided such as snood length hook size and body strength.

Another nice feature is A drilled hole in each rig winder that allows you to trap your top swivel or clip inside the winder, this helps prevent the rigs from springing loose and keeps the line under tension when on the Rapper.

The Inova Rig Box is available from all good Inova stockists RRP £17.99 containing 24 Rig Rappers 24 labels and 24 rig pins with additional Rappers available for RRP £3.70 per box of 10.

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