A guide to the two hook clipped down rig

Without doubt the ‘two hooked clipped down’ is one of the match angler’s go-to rigs regardless of species or venue. It is very streamlined when used for out-and-out distance, or to get your baits out there when fishing into a strong headwind.

Components required:

70lb nylon rig body

Inova Rolling Swivels, Inova Dyno Swivel Clip, Inova Down & Out Link, Inova Flexi-Beads, Inova Snood Stops and Inova Kamisori Aberdeen hooks.

Rig crimps, SRT spring and aero beads.

For this rig to work properly – cast with the hooks remaining clipped and release on impact with the water – it must have a bit of ‘play’ for the swivels to move between the crimps, and this allows the spring to work property and tension the whole rig when it is clipped and ready to cast.

Let’s tie it!

Thread the components onto the 70lb nylon rig body as usual – crimp, aero bead, swivel, aero bead, crimp – with the addition of the SRT spring between the aero bead and crimp of the top swivel. I like to start tying at the bottom end of the rig and work up, so next tie on the Inova Down and Out Link which will form the lead link and the bottom bait clip. I like to work with around 18 snoods, so fix your first crimp around 17 inches above the lead link and then the next crimp around 2 inches above the 2-inch gap which you have allowed for the Inova Dyno Swivel Clip to move up and down the rig body is perfect. Then repeat the process for the top swivel/spring with only a 1/4-inch gap for play.

Then finish the rig off at the top with an Inova Rolling Swivel.


Now for the snoods!

I tend to use 15/20lb line in a variety of makes depending on species targeted. Once the snood line is tied to the swivel and cut to the appropriate length, pull on an Inova Snood Stop and tie on a Inova Kamisori Aberdeen hook with size depending on target species. Then thread on an Inova Flexi-Bead over the hook – the rubber bead will reshape to the line thickness – which will act as a bait stop for bulky worm baits as well as an attractor.

Once the rig is finished, attach the top swivel to a fixed point, add a lead to the bottom and insert the hooks into the bait clips as if you are fishing to make sure the snoods are the perfect length, and the SRT spring should compress slightly and the rig should sit straight and tense with no loose line.

You are now ready to go fishing!

Scott McCartney (Pro Team)

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