INOVA Kicker Beads

The INOVA Kicker Bead is a simple effective design. I have been using them to great effect for some time, especially in shallow clear waters when other conventional rigs have struggled to attract bites. The INOVA Kicker Beads allow you to use much lighter snoods and trace bodies than you would normally use without fear of tangling

My favoured Rig is a simple two up one down fixed paternoster rig when using the INOVA Kicker Beads. This keeps the rig components to a minimum and visually helps keeps the rigs presence in the water to a minimum.

Rigging the INOVA Kicker Bead is simple. Firstly, pass the trace body through either of the two holes in the bead either using: a Power-gum knot, glued rig tubing or a simple over hand knot in the trace body to keep the bead in place. I personally would only recommend this for use with lighter leads as it is a well-known fact that this will weaken the line, then pass your selected snood line through the second hole in the bead. At this point, I like to place an INOVA Snood Stop at the backside of the bead to act as a shock absorber, should you encounter a larger fish than you anticipated!

Then tie a figure of eight knot or blood knot in the tag behind the INOVA Snood Stop and another INOVA Snood Stop and sequin or INOVA Flexi-bead on the opposite side the snood. The line should be able to pass freely from stop to stop without any hindrance, giving you a free-running snood length. Add A Size 4 Kamisori hook and your good to go!

Paul Blehs (INOVA Pro Staff)

The INOVA Kicker beads are available from good tackle shops and online stores. For your nearest stockist check out the INOVA stockist page.



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