INOVA Flexi Beads

INOVA Flexi Beads:

“Keep It Simple” That adage still applies today, but something we often overlook in our fishing. The Inova Flexi Bead is one such product which ticks that very box. Simple yes, but highly effective with a multitude of practical uses for boat and shore. Personally, they make a fantastic addition to my snoods for all things flat and I often change colour depending on target species and water clarity.

No re-tying snoods on the beach, simply slide on and off as required saving time fumbling for other rigs. Afloat they are used to very good effect as attractors too and again the ease of use being a big plus on a rocky boat. These fantastic little beads are a must in my tackle box every time.

Keith Stafford (Pro Team Member)

I have been using the inova Flexi beads for a while. The easiest way to put them on your snoods is to use a fine baiting needle and I use the stonfo red points. Not only do they act as a attractor, they can also be used as bait stops.

I will be using them a lot this spring for plaice fishing as you can use then in any combination of the four colours available. Give then a go they do put extra fish on the bank.

Good luck!

Philip Pape (Pro Team Member)

The first time I ever used the INOVA FLEXI BEADS was in Fuerteventura. We were using tiny rigs for the bream.

We caught the odd one or two and then further into the session we put different coloured flexi beads above the hook and immediately got into the bream, bringing in a few double headers. I was immediately hooked, (excuse the pun), and I use them now on most of my rigs.

They make brilliant bait stops either used singularly or double. I consider them an essential part of my fishing kit now.

Richie Fisher (Pro Team Member)

Available now in all Good INOVA stockists. RRP £2.50 with 25 beads in a pack.

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