INOVA Bait Anchor

Some of the best inventions are also the simplest. Such is the case with the INOVA BAIT ANCHORS, which come in packs of 3. They are roughly 40mm long with 5 spikes on each side which are 5mm long. Their purpose is to help keep your bait secured while casting,  keeping that gap between the hook’s point and your bait, resulting in prefect bait presentation.

What tends to happen some baits is that they can slide down the shank of the hook, masking the hook point and possibly missing fish hook ups. When anchored in position with the INOVA BAIT ANCHOR, the bait presses is secured with the spikes on the anchor and prevents lug worm, sand-eel, black wraps and other baits from sliding down the hook.

The great thing also about the INOVA BAIT ANCHORS is that they can be adjusted in size to make more BAIT ANCHORS to suite different size baits. Simply cut down with a scissors to your required lengths. So from a pack of 3, you can have up to 9 smaller bait anchors!

Our strategy to test the INOVA BAIT ANCHORS was to go after some pin whiting, using lugworm baits, the results where amazing in that we were catching on the rigs using bait anchors 4 – 1.

We had 4 pin whiting alone on one single small lug worm. The whiting which normally strip lug baits pretty fast where having trouble dislodging the baits in return hooking themselves before robbing the baits.

My set up was simple:
I was fishing a 2 up 1 down flapper rig with size 4 INOVA KAMISORI hook on snoods of 10lb line. I simply added a INOVA FLEXI BEAD (Green) first, followed by the INOVA BAIT ANCHOR which I had cut down to 3 spikes and tied on my hook. You need to use snood stops when using the Bait Anchors, for sure, but I used a green INOVA Flexi Bead this time.

Also we used Bait Anchors cut down to just 2 spikes, for the very small lug with a snood stop to help keep the bait anchor in the correct position

The INOVA Bait Anchors retails for £1.99

The INOVA Bait Anchors are available from all good tackle shops and online stores. For your nearest stockists check out the INOVA stockists page.



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